Degenerative Myelopathy Progress Videos


Beginning Stages Of DM:

This shows Wranger as he is loosing the ability to walk and stand on his own.


Beginning Stages of DM 2:


First Time In An Eddie’s Wheels Cart

The first 3 or 4 times I put Wrangler in his cart he didn’t do anything, he just stood there. This video shows the first time he started to walk in his cart on his own. Don’t get discouraged, it may take a few times before your dog feels comfortable in the cart.


Starting To Get Used To His Cart

This video shows Wrangler becoming more comfortable in his cart and we’re able to start going on longer walks.


Wrangler Running In His Cart

Now Wrangler feels perfectly at ease in his cart and it has given him a second life, he’s not afraid to run and play with other dogs, and on occasion even flip his cart.


Wrangler Playing Frisbee


Wrangler Playing Soccer


Big Front Steps

This video shows as the disease starts to progress into the front end of his body, you can now see that he’s taking much bigger front steps and it’s more work for him to use the cart. He is no longer is able to run in his cart.


Big Front Steps 2


Needing Extra Help To Pull His Cart

This video now shows me having to pull his cart. I attached my lease to the cart to essentially pull him as he walks, otherwise he exhausted himself very quickly.

After the last video was taken, it became more and more work to get Wrangler excited about going for walks. Each time I felt like I was pulling him more than he was pulling himself. Eddie’s Wheel’s does offer a variable axle cart which allows you to adjust where the bulk of the weight is balanced and as your dog starts to loose strength in his front legs, you can offset the weight to the middle of the cart making it easier for him to walk. A warning, the cart does become more unstable and wobbly. If you are interested in a variable axle cart it is better to order it originally. I didn’t buy one for Wrangler and I remember it being a little expensive to try and switch after the fact. If you can afford it, I recommend getting the variable axle from the beginning.


Bonus Video: Good To Be Clancy

This is a video of Wrangler’s internet pal Clancy doing absolutely amazing in his cart.