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Posted on Aug 19, 2013 in Blog, Dog Carts, Walkin Wheels

Like all great battles, the battle for the best dog cart isn’t any different.  People seem to land passionately on one side or the other.  The two sides in this battle being Eddie’s Wheels and Walkin Wheels.  I don’t have first hand experience with Walkin’ Wheels carts but I talked to a few people who do and they passionately defend their choice in dog carts and are not afraid to tell you about their distaste for the competition.  Luckily since competition always benefits the consumer this means good news for us.

Walkin’ Wheels Cart Benefits

  • Folds flat for easy transport
  • Adjustable as your dogs condition worsens
  • Fits any size dog
  • lightweight
  • only one measurement
  • UK distribution

Walkin’ Wheels vs Eddie’s Wheels

The Eddie’s Wheels cart is sturdy, comfortable and custom made but a is not adjustable.  Your only option for a dog with DM is to upgrade to a counterbalanced cart but this is only to help take some of the weight off your dogs weakening front end.  Once your dog starts loosing size and muscle mass in the hips and back legs there isn’t much that can be done.  It’s also a little big and bulky and doesn’t fit well in your car.  Another disadvantage of a custom made cart is the measurements need to be exact.  Taking your dog’s measurements is not difficult but you definitely don’t want to mess this up as once you have the cart there’s nothing that can be done if you make a mistake.

On the other hand the Walkin’ Wheels cart only requires one measurement, it’s extremely adjustable, lightweight and folds down small enough to easily fit in a very small place, it’s great for travelling.  Something the Eddie’s Wheels cart definitely cannot do.  The Walkin’ Wheels cart also seems to be the cart of choice for Europeans as it is obtainable through a UK distributor.

And the winner is…

Neither cart is perfect and both have their advantages and disadvantages but competition always benefits the consumer.  In my opinion you can’t go wrong with either cart, it just depends on which features you think suit your needs the most.

For anyone who does use a Walkin’ Wheels cart I welcome your comments below.  Tell us why you chose Walkin’ Wheels and what do you like best?

  • Cici

    I have a 9 year old boxer that was diagnosed with DM 2 months ago. I’m shopping for booties knuckling up. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    • MyDogHasDM

      I personally like the pawz dog boots. Here is a link to some more information.


    • Laurie

      We have used Ruff Wear. Their boots are very durable. My dog didn’t like the pawz dog boots at all, although I know several dogs do like them. I have some pawz boots I can send you if you’d like to have them. There are several pairs that came in the package.

  • http://www.eddieswheels.com Leslie Grinnell

    Walkin Wheels are slightly heavier than Eddie’s Wheels carts. Eddie’s Wheels carts adjust 20% for height and length, using the allen key provided, it is easy to adjust the height and length of the cart. The width and size of the saddle hole do require accurate measurements . Because they build 2000 custom carts a year – they are very knowledgable about pet’s dimensions and proportions and will work with you to get a good fit.
    The cart is built with allowance for range of motion and weight loss and gain. The balance of the cart is changed by moving the wheels forward as DM progresses and affects the front legs. This is major advantage Eddie’s has over Walkinwheels – that, and it’s rugged durability. Eddie’s Wheels carts do not wear out and will serve dogs for years. Eddie’s Wheels are made in the USA, are custombuilt to match your pet’s disabilities. WalkinWheels are made in China.