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Posted on Sep 9, 2013 in Blog, Cart Donation

I was recently contacted by Deborah Miller who had a boxer named Zack with Degenerative Myelopathy. Zack was Deborah’s third boxer and a rescue dog. Deborah did everything she could for him and cared for him for over a year and a half as he battled with DM. Unfortunately the disease got to be too much and she had to let him go. 8 months later she still hasn’t been able to completely move on and get another dog.

To help put her heart at ease Deborah would like to generously donate Zack’s Eddies Wheels cart and his stroller. They are both in excellent condition and the stroller was only used about 4 times. The cart is excellent for a dog that is just starting its DM journey and needs help to get around and the stroller is excellent for a dog in the later stages of DM.  Deborah would really like them to go to people who might not necessarily be able to afford to help their dog but desperately wants to. Deborah lives in the northern VA area, outside of DC. If you are interested you will need to be able to pick them up in person however, Deborah is kind enough to drive a few hours to meet you and donate the cart in person.

Unfortunately she doesn’t have the exact measurements she sent into Eddie’s Wheels (although she has contacted Eddies Wheels to get them) but Zack was a 70 lb. medium sized boxer. I have attached a few pictures, if you are interested please leave a comment below or send an email to











  • linda m

    Hello again Deborah. My dog’s updates weight is 100 lb. I guess the inactivity has caught up to him. I don’t think the wheels will fit.him now. he is a tall guy but his girth is most likely too much. God blessyou for your generosity to others.
    Lscmorton from Baltimore

    • MyDogHasDM

      Thanks for letting us know Linda.

  • Michael

    Hi I have a 10 yr old boxer with dm. He has been showing signs of dm since January and he is just now getting wobbly. Is there any chance the cart is still available? I have been looking, but haven’t been able to save up for one. He is about 75 -80 lbs.