Who Says A Dog Can’t Rock A Wheelchair!!

Posted on Sep 15, 2010 in Blog, Early Symptoms

After 2 weeks of just standing in his cart and looking strangely at me, Wrangler finally deciding to give it a try. I was pretty worried, his legs were getting really bad. I bought the cart as a last ditch effort to hopefully buy him a little more time and if this didn’t work then I was really nervous about what I’d have to do.

I put throw down carpets every where in my house. Wrangler is still able to stand and eat or get a drink on his own. Now if he falls in the house it’ll at least be on carpet and when he’s outside he can run again with his new wheels.

Here is a short video of Wrangler finally taking to his new wheels.
(I’m also trying to make sure he is using his wheelchair properly)