A Dog Cart, Really?

Posted on Aug 15, 2010 in Blog, Early Symptoms, Eddie's Wheels, Product Reviews

By Aug 2009 Wrangler could only make it around 1 block and fell constantly and could no longer walk on hard wood floors. I’d seen dogs in movies with carts and when I researched DM, a lot of the websites suggested getting a cart to assist with walking. I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do or if I should put Wrangler down so he wouldn’t suffer. I could tell in his eyes he still wanted to keep going and had the desire to live, so I decided to give the cart a try. I thought even if it bought him another month or 2, at least I’d done all I could and would feel better about any future decisions. I searched on the internet for dog carts in Vancouver or anywhere in Canada and couldn’t find anything (future business opportunity anyone?). I found a few american companies when I finally came across Eddie’s Wheels based out of Shelburne Falls, MA. They had a lot of great videos on their website of other dogs in carts adjusting extremely well. They also had videos of other boxers in the same condition as Wrangler. It was comforting to see other people trying to help their dogs and made me feel a little less crazy for putting my dog in a wheel chair :) It wasn’t going to be cheap, with shipping and the exchange rate it came to $650. I decided it was time and I sent in Wranglers measurements and the waiting game began.

In Sept 2009 the cart arrived, it was very easy to assemble and within a half an hour I had Wrangler in his cart and we were off to the park. While I was waiting for the cart to arrive I had a vision in my head of Wrangler racing around in his cart, loving life and back to his old boxer self.

The only problem was, he hated the cart and would rather hobble around in the grass than have anything to do with his new set of wheels.

This is what Wrangler looked like when he first got his cart. For the first 2 weeks, he just stood there and wondered why the hell I was doing this to him.

Wrangler in his cart