Breeder DNA Testing

Posted on Apr 21, 2011 in Blog, DNA Testing

I received an email from Helen at Ronin Boxers all the way in New Zealand. She thanked me for sharing my story about Wrangler and let me know that she has started testing all her boxers for the gene that causes degenerative myelopathy. I think this is amazing!! The only true way to get rid of this disease is by testing for it and not breeding any dogs that test positive. Please let me know if you are a breeder or know of any local breeders who test for the DM gene. I’ll start a page listing all the breeders which people can use when searching for their next dog.

Your local shelter or SPCA is also a great choice when looking for a new pet as they have lots of animals that need to be adopted. Please talk to your vet about testing your dog for the DM gene before trying to breed them.