Respiratory Problems continued…

Posted on Apr 13, 2011 in Blog, Long Term Symptoms, Respiratory Problems

After 2 weeks on Fortekor Wrangler hasn’t had any more episodes. The meds seem to be working.  I’m still not convinced.  Wrangler has always had an irregular heart beat and every time I go to a new vet they comment on how bad his heart is but I’ve also read many times that long term symptoms of Degenerative Myelopathy are difficulty swallowing, and eventually respiratory problems.  To me this seems to be more the case with Wrangler.  The vet didn’t comment at all that this could be caused by DM.  I guess no matter what the cause is if he’s having respiratory and heart problems then he needs to be treated for the symptoms?

The initial 2 weeks of heart meds ended on a Thursday.  I needed to call the vet and get more meds before the weekend and I completely forgot.  Wrangler didn’t get his meds on the Friday and now would have to go the whole weekend without them.  I called first thing Monday morning and got him more medication however, Monday night Wrangler had an episode where he again was gagging and went out several times in the night to eat grass and try to puke.  On Tuesday he seemed fine, I gave him his next pill as soon as he woke up and he hasn’t had any more problems since.  I guess the good thing out of this is I know he definitely requires the medications.

I’m still in search of more information on respiratory problems and DM.  So far the only info I can find is that long term symptoms include respiratory problems, but other than that there is no info.  I’m also going to call my vet and I’ll update when I have more info on this.