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Posted on Aug 5, 2013 in Blog, DM Forum

For the not so tech savvy people out there you might be wondering what is a forum and why you should use it.  For those of you who are tech savvy you might be wondering why you should use a forum instead of Facebook.

Why you should use the MyDogHasDM degenerative myelopathy Forum

The MyDogHasDM degenerative myelopathy forum is a great place to find information, ask questions, and to help others.  It’s very well organized, extremely easy to search and find information and it’s a great place to keep in touch with other people in the DM community.  It’s one of the best ways for people to share information and not have it get lost in the clutter of the internet.

Why the MyDogHasDM degenerative myelopathy Forum is better than Facebook

Everybody is on Facebook, it’s one of the most popular ways to keep in contact with your friends and family and also to share information.  However, Facebook is a business and at the end of the day wants to make money.  It has designed its business in such a way that makes it almost impossible for small businesses, and non-profits to reach their full user base.  When some one like myself who has a Facebook page shares a post it is usually only seen by 1/4 of the people who like my page.  If I want to reach my entire audience I have to pay to “boost” the post.

Also, the Facebook news feed, pages, and groups are not organized.  You may read something that you think is interesting or important and think to yourself, I should save this incase I need it again later.  But when you go back and try to find it, it’s not there and there’s no way to search for it.  It’s very easy for information to go unseen or to get lost in the clutter of Facebook.

In a forum everything is organized by categories, it has great search functionality and you can get answers directly to your questions.  If you ever need to find something later, it’s extremely easy to go back, do a search, and find exactly what you are looking for.  Forums may not have the ‘cool’ factor that Facebook does, but they are very a very useful tool, especially for a disease like degenerative myelopathy where it can be difficult and frustrating to find answers to your questions.

This is why I’ve added a forum to the MyDogHasDM website and it’s very easy to register and start using it.

How to register

  1. Visit the MyDogHasDM Forum.
  2. Click Register where it says, Welcome guest, posting in this forum requires registration.
  3. Enter your username and email address and click next.
  4. Go to your inbox and look for the confirmation email.
  5. You will see an email from, click the link to activate your user.
  6. After you activate your user, you’ll receive a second email with your username and password.
  7. Go back to the  MyDogHasDM Forum, login with your new username and password and start contributing!